Doing Business With Transomnia



You can send us orders by fax (01892 703662), phone (01892 703660 during office hours), email ( or by post. Whichever method you use, please list code numbers as well as prices, quantities and brief product descriptions. Full details of your delivery address (and invoice, if different) should also be included.
If you’ve registered for online access (click ‘Trade Login’ at the top of the page for further details),
you can also place your order through the trade area of our web site.

If we have your email address, we'll email you an order confirmation with images of all items ordered.



Please tell us when you’d like to receive your order. If it’s ASAP we’ll send it as soon as we can (normally within a week of receipt, but longer for orders received just after trade shows). If you tell us that you’d like the goods by a specific date we’ll do our best to deliver by that date - or contact you on receipt of the order if we’ll need more time. 



Occasionally some items may be out of stock. If we’re unable to supply all the items you’ve ordered, we’ll send together with your invoice a list of the out-of-stock items and an indication of when we expect them to be available. Balances below £50 in value (£150 for offshore islands and €200 for Republic of Ireland) are cancelled, but we'll advise when the goods should be available for reordering. Larger balances will be delivered (carriage-free) as soon as the goods are available, unless you ask us to cancel them. You can add additional items to a balance order and the delivery will still be carriage free.

All balances outstanding at Christmas will be cancelled, unless you tell us you will still want them in the New Year.


Pack Quantities

Most of our products are supplied in packs. Please order each item in a multiple of the pack quantity - we reserve the right to adjust the quantity to the nearest multiple of a pack if necessary. We also offer bulk packs of all items (generally 4-6 standard packs) at discounted prices.


New Customer Accounts

If you haven’t dealt with us before, please fill out the 'New Trade Enquiry' form on our Contact Us page.   The minimum order value required to open a credit account is £300.


Geographical Exclusivity

We believe in helping our customers, and showing them the same loyalty they show us with their orders. As a result we don't sell directly to the public, and all new account applications are looked at on an individual basis in order to avoid supplying the same products to directly competing outlets.


Pro-Forma Orders

If you’re unable to provide suitable trade references (e.g. because your business is new), or if you trade outside the UK or Republic of Ireland, we’ll supply your order on a pro forma (prepayment) basis. We’ll check availability of the ordered goods, and then let you know the pro forma invoice amount - only the goods we can supply immediately will be included. We’ll ask you to pay this amount to us (ideally by credit or debit card) within one week, as we will have reserved the goods for you when issuing the pro forma. The order will be despatched to you within two working days of receipt of your payment. All pro forma orders receive a 2.5% discount.



Customers are welcome at our cash-and-carry showroom in Tunbridge Wells. The minimum purchase is £100, and we give a 10% discount when you spend over £300. Ends-of-line are often also available at heavily discounted prices. Please phone beforehand to let us know you will be coming, as there are occasional times (e.g. during stocktaking) when the warehouse isn’t open for cash-and-carry sales.

You can get directions to our premises from the Contact Us page.


Open Days

We invite all our customers to preview and order our new collections for the forthcoming season at our showroom before they’re officially launched. Customers who order from us at Open Days benefit from discounts of up to 10%, and will also be at the head of the queue for delivery of new products. You can find out the dates of our next Open Days by visiting the Trade Fairs & Open Days page.